Contesting a Will Northern Beaches

Contesting a Will in the Northern Beaches, New South Wales

Contesting a will is a complicated process. It can sour  relationships with family members and lead to costly legal battles. For this reason, you need to know the criteria that defines a valid will and the evidence you need to support your case.

At Bridge Legal, you get clear and easy to understand advice. We are legal experts with years of experience in contesting wills for residents in the Northern Beaches. With an obligation-free meeting, we can identify the strength of your case and how to achieve the best result.

With respect to your individual circumstances, you get personal guidance to find out:

  • If your claim is viable
  • The size and value of the estate
  • Your legal rights and how to move the case forward
  • How to keep costs and associated stress down

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How is a Will Invalid?

For a will to be valid, the NSW law outlines the various criteria that needs to be followed. If the will does not meet the criteria, you may be able to contest the will and renegotiate the terms.

The most common reasons a will is challenged are:

  • The testator did not have the capacity to sign the will
  • The testator was pressured into signing the will or including certain terms
  • The will was not signed in compliance with NSW law

At Bridge Legal, we can assess the circumstances of your claim to find out if the will is valid or not. Our team has years of experience in disputed deceased estates for residents in the Northern Beaches.

We can give you honest feedback on the viability of your claim and the most likely outcome.

Success Through Mediation

In some cases a will can be contested without going to court. If all parties agree, you can attend confidential mediation sessions to reach a satisfactory agreement in an economical and time-effective manner.

By going through a settlement agreement or mediation, you avoid the financial and emotional stress of court and preserve the relationship with the family.

If court is the only answer – we can guide you through the proceedings to reach the best possible outcome.


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