Contesting a Will Sutherland Shire

Defending and Contesting a Will Sutherland Shire

Losing a loved one is a challenging time. The thought of contesting or defending a Will can make the circumstances even more stressful.

Bridge Legal can help you overcome these difficult times with individual care and support. Whether you’re defending or contesting a Will in Sutherland Shire, you receive clear, easy to understand legal advice from experts in their field.

Located in North Sydney, Bridge Legal works together with individuals and referrals to overcome the stress of contested Wills and estates from Sutherland Shire.

Contesting a Will

If you’ve been left out of a Will or believe you’ve not received a fair portion, you may be able to make a claim.

Your legal expert can assess the circumstances of your case including:

  • The nature of your relationship with the deceased and their relationship with other beneficiaries
  • The personal wishes described in the Will of the deceased
  • How the current provisions impact your access to education, maintenance and the ability to move forward in life

You receive honest advice on whether you have an eligible case or not.

If successful, the mediation process will be initiated to reach a successful outcome between both parties. Mediation is often the most successful way to resolve Will disputes. By avoiding the stress and financial burden of court, you can express the strengths of your case and work towards a fair resolution.

In the event a fair resolution cannot be reached, your legal expert will prepare you for a trial.

Defending a Will

Bridge Legal communicates directly with the executors, administrators or major beneficiaries to defend contested Wills in Sutherland Shire.

Your legal expert will analyse the strengths and weakness of the claim to find out if it is valid. If the claim is valid, you receive ongoing support throughout mediation or attending trial to reach a successful outcome among both parties.

Legal Costs

Depending on the circumstances of your case, the legal costs associated with defending or contesting a Will is paid from the estate.

Before proceeding with any legal services, you’ll be advised on the estimated legal costs and how they’re calculated in regards to your case. Our team has years of experience in defending and contesting a Will for Sutherland Shire, who can provide an accurate estimation to suit your financial circumstances.


To request help with writing a Will, defending a claim or making your own claim, arrange an appointment with us.

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