Estate Planning Hills

How Will You Pass On Your Legacy?

Estate planning is a touchy subject. But planning ahead does offer peace of mind and financial security when life throws an unexpected curve ball your way.

If you own a business, are a beneficiary to trust assets, or own property and suffer a medical condition that leaves you incapacitated – you risk losing control of your assets. Having the right succession plan will ensure your assets are dealt with correctly whilst you are incapacitated and are distributed  the way you want them to be when you pass away.

Bridge Legal are experienced estate planning lawyers that service The Hills district who can help you plan for the future. From writing your Will, to protection from third-party claims and choosing the right Power of Attorney – we can help at any stage of estate planning; including

  • Will writing
  • Power of Attorney
  • Defending wills and litigation
  • Document preparation
  • Enduring power of attorney
  • Binding death certificates

Legal Services

Bridge Legal will assess your unique circumstances, including your current lifestyle, financial situation, retirement plans, family relationships, taxation structure and businesses dealings.

The team will then identify any risks that could have an effect on your assets – while you’re alive or have passed away – and create a succession plan that meets your needs.

Your estate plan will provide the following benefits to you beneficiaries:

  • Protect your assets from third-party claims
  • Provide financial security to your family and the younger generation
  • Offer peace of mind in retirement
  • Provides essential services and financial support to beneficiaries

Like many things over your life cycle, estate planning in The Hills is an ongoing process.

Bridge Legal can review your estate whenever your circumstances change. Whether the asset pool has changed, a couple has married or divorced or your superannuation or tax structure has changed – we can help you adapt to your changing needs at any stage.

Why Choose Bridge Legal

  • Clear, easy to understand legal advice
  • Over 35 years of experience in estate planning
  • Up-to-date knowledge on legal and taxation requirements
  • Fully licensed and accredited lawyers
  • Easy to access office in North Sydney


To request help with writing a Will, defending a claim or making your own claim, arrange an appointment with us.

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