Estate Planning Ipswich

Minimise Risk and Pass on Your Legacy

In the event you become seriously ill or incapacitated, will you and your loved ones be covered?

Estate planning is an effective way to plan for the future and give your family peace of mind. A carefully planned Will and estate will ensure your finances and assets fall into the right hands. They also help protect your family from dealing with third-party claims and losing money to the tax department.

Even if your estate is simple, the services of an estate planning lawyer can help preserve your assets for future generations.

Estate Planning Services

Bridge Legal has years of experience helping private and corporate clients in all aspects of estate planning. For Ipswich, our personalised approach takes into consideration your unique financial circumstances, personal wishes and the needs of your beneficiaries.

Every aspect of your Will is prepared with your full cooperation from medical treatment to living arrangements and asset distribution. When you can no longer make these lifestyle choices on your own, the key decision makers will only act in your best interests.

Our broad range of services cover key areas such as:

  • Professional Will writing
  • Setting up family trusts
  • Financial assessment and asset distribution
  • Choosing a suitable Power of Attorney, Executors and Guardians
  • Lowering your tax liabilities
  • Record keeping of vital legal and tax documents
  • Succession planning

In Ipswich, our estate planning lawyers provide easy and up-to-date legal advice relevant to current government and tax legislation. Regardless of your circumstances, we guide you through complex legal issues in terms you can understand.

Bridge Legal can also update your Wills and Estates to account for changes in circumstances including family relationships, business arrangements and tax liabilities.

Contesting and Defending Estates

Most estates are contested when a person feels they have not received a fair portion of the estate. They may also suspect the Will was written under suspicious circumstances or is invalid for other reasons.

Bridge Legal offers expert legal advice in regards to defending your estate and helping you contest an estate you feel is invalid. We can assess the evidence to support your case or the evidence provided by the contester and advise you on the best course of action to reach a fair and just outcome. 

Why Choose Bridge Legal

  • Over 35 years of experience in estate planning
  • Clear and easy to understand legal advice
  • Professional Will writing, documentation and legal services
  • Licensed estate planning lawyers
  • Obligation-free advice

Provide a Better Future for your Family

Estate planning is the first step to helping you and your family achieve peace of mind. Bridge Legal can help protect your financial security with a tailored solution to suit your individual circumstances.


To request help with writing a Will, defending a claim or making your own claim, arrange an appointment with us.

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