Estate Planning North Sydney

Estate Planning in North Sydney

Estate planning involves deciding who will receive your funds and assets after you pass on.

A basic Will can do a reasonable job of distributing your assets. However, it can leave many circumstances up to chance and can increase the risk of beneficiaries paying more tax than they need to.

It can also lead to disputes and legal action, which ultimately tear families apart.

At Bridge Legal, we care about the financial circumstances of you and your loved ones. We make estate planning simple by following a few simple guidelines:

  1. Reducing the tax liability for each beneficiary
  2. Working on behalf of your best interests
  3. Protecting your loved ones from disputes

Our legal services can ease the burden of estate planning… and ensure your loved ones are financially secure.

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Fair Asset Distribution

Do you have money tied up in businesses, super funds, shares, partnerships and joint ventures? It can be tough to decide how to distribute these assets on your own.

We can assess your financial circumstances and help you decide who will inherit your estate. Whether you’re leaving your estate to a spouse, children from a previous marriage, children from a current marriage or relatives – we establish a Will to suit your individual circumstances and those of your beneficiaries. 

Protection for Beneficiaries

Sometimes the status of a beneficiary can change due to divorce, separation, bankruptcy or a major accident. We can put in place special terms and conditions to protect beneficiaries from misfortune if any of these events occur.

With the professional advice and guidance of a legal expert, you can rest easy knowing your estate will be passed on according to your wishes. 

Pay Less Tax

How you distribute your estate to your beneficiaries will influence the amount of tax they pay. There are many regulations regarding tax compliance and choosing an ineffective strategy could cost your beneficiaries.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of Will. This can be avoided by consulting a legal expert who’ll advise you on the most tax-effective strategy.

We can develop a strategy to ensure each beneficiary pays the lowest amount of tax based on their circumstances.

Appointing Power of Attorney

During your lifetime, there may come a time when you’re unable to make decisions on your own or sign documents. The most common scenarios for this are overseas travel, or a permanent injury or illness that limits your mental capacity.

For this reason, we recommend you appoint a trusted individual who has a clear understanding of your personal wishes and is willing to act in your best interests.

We can guide you through the process of choosing the right Power of Attorney and working through the relevant paperwork


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