Estate Planning Northern Beaches

Estate Planning in Northern Beaches, New South Wales

Planning your estate is probably the last thing you want to think about.

But by leaving the distribution of assets up to the courts, the outcome could leave your family and beneficiaries at a disadvantage.

Succession planning is essential to distributing your assets fairly while protecting your estate from third-party claims and tax implications. This involves more than just writing a Will – it encompasses a range of factors such as:

  • Writing a Will that satisfies all your personal wishes
  • Appointing an Executor and outlining their responsibilities
  • Evaluating your assets, business interests and other financial obligations
  • Choosing a Power of Attorney and/or Guardian you can trust
  • Reducing your tax liabilities

We Can Help

At Bridge Legal, you get personal legal support to help you carefully plan for the distribution of your estate. Working with experts in Property Law, Conveyancing, Finance Law, Trusts and Family Law – every aspect of your estate is managed to ensure your family’s security.

You can meet our estate planning lawyers in our North Sydney office, which is only a 30 minute drive from the Northern Beaches.

  • Qualified and experienced estate planning lawyers
  • Easy to understand legal advice
  • Will Writing
  • Appointing an Executor, Power of Attorney and Guardianship
  • Protection from Will claims and tax implications
  • Complete peace of mind

Need help with securing your future? Call (02) 8294 2650 for FREE advice from a licensed estate planning lawyer near the Northern Beaches.

Writing a Will

Whether you need to write a new will or update your current one, Bridge Legal offers friendly and helpful support at any stage of your life.

Your estate planning lawyer will consider your circumstances and review the current state of your assets including:

  • Trust funds
  • Partnerships
  • Property investments
  • Outstanding debts
  • Business assets
  • And much more.

By choosing the people you wish to receive a fair share of your assets, you can be confident your family and beneficiaries will be provided for after you pass on. This also reduces the risk of third-party claims and tax implications negatively affecting your beneficiaries.

Need to update your will due to a change in circumstances? We can make this process simple and easy for you.

Appointing an Executor

An executor is someone you choose to distribute your assets and carry out your personal wishes after you pass away. Being an executor is an honourable but time consuming role, so you must choose a person who is reliable and cares about your personal interests.

A Bridge Legal estate planning lawyer can help you make this choice easy.

By understanding the duties of the executor and how it relates to your circumstances, you can feel confident knowing you’ve chosen the right person to manage your affairs after you’re gone.

Power of Attorney

During the course of your life, there may come a time where you lose the capacity to make decisions on your own. Whether due to a personal injury or mental incapacity, you need someone who can take your place to make certain legal, financial and medical decisions on your behalf.

Bridge Legal can help you plan ahead while you’re still healthy and aware. With our guidance, you can personalise the extent of power they have over your legal, financial, medical, and lifestyle matters.

Plus, you can specify other factors such as cancellation terms and changes in circumstances.


To request help with writing a Will, defending a claim or making your own claim, arrange an appointment with us.

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