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Do You Have a Will?

How will you pass your legacy down to future generations? At Bridge Legal, we can prepare a Will to give your loved ones the financial support and security they deserve. No matter how you wish to distribute your assets, our estate planning in Sydney and Brisbane makes the process easy for you.

Writing Your Will

Our team of estate planning lawyers in Sydney help you through all stages of writing the Will. We take into account your personal interests and prepare a plan that results with your loved ones receiving the portion of your assets you have planned for them.

By designing and drafting the distribution of your assets, we minimise the potential of family law claims and litigation from those wanting a bigger share of your estate. Our estate planning lawyers in Brisbane and Sydney will also implement strategies to reduce and protect your assets from creditors and taxation liabilities.

Whether you have family trusts, companies, superannuation, insurance policies, business interests through partnerships, joint ventures or overseas assets – we work with asset collections of all sizes.

Enduring Power of Attorney, Enduring Guardianship and Binding Death Benefits

In times when you cannot make certain decisions yourself, you may wish to appoint Power of Attorney to someone you can trust. This way, your loved ones won’t be ‘left in the dark’ about making those difficult decisions for you.

If you have a self-managed super fund, we can set up General Powers of Attorney to ensure that your fund can continue to be administered correctly in the event a director/member becomes unable to make decisions or has travelled outside the jurisdiction. We can also ensure that Binding nominations are valid in the event of the death of a member allowing the trustee to distribute benefits to your chosen beneficiaries.

Defending Wills and Litigation

As part of your estate planning in Sydney and Brisbane, we can defend any claims imposed by those who feel they haven’t received a fair portion of your estate. We put in place preventative measures to minimise the burden of litigation and make sure everyone is satisfied.

If you yourself feel you’ve been unfairly left out of a Will or estate, you may be eligible to make a claim. Our team of legal experts can assess your claim and your chance of success in receiving compensation.

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