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Discover the Potential of Self-Managed Super Funds

We all want to live comfortably in retirement, but how much control do you really have over our savings? This question has led many people to discover the benefits of self-managed super funds. By becoming a trustee of your own super fund, you unlock a wealth of investment opportunities to boost your financial security.

Whether you’re looking to establish a corporate or individual group of trustees, Bridge Legal offers you a range of services to start your own SMSF.

Liaising With Your Trusted Support Network

We work closely with accountants, auditors and financial advisors to prepare the necessary documentation for you. This includes preparing the Company Constitution, Trust Deeds, Minutes of Meeting and consents, Product Disclosures and much more.

We assess the personal and business needs of each trustee and establish terms to support the collective interests of everyone involved. This prevents trustees from exploiting investment opportunities for their own personal gain.

Property Investments

There are many rules and conditions you need to understand before using your super to purchase property. For example, did you know it’s illegal to purchase residential property from a related party member?

Your SMSF solicitor/conveyancer offers legal advice and support for your SMSF property purchase. We help you understand the rules and objectives that need to be met such as dividing assets, maintaining liquidity and paying benefits.

We strategise your financial investment and ensure each member enjoys the agreed share of the retirement benefits. Whether your self-managed super funds are invested into domestic, commercial or off-the-plan real estate – our legal advisors help you through the process.

Get the Most Out of Your Investment Today

If you’re looking to retire comfortably and unlock the full potential of your super, an SMSF offers you a wealth of exciting opportunities. And with the support of our experienced legal advisors, you can enjoy the low-risk benefits too.


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