Last Will and Testament with Testamentary Discretionary Trusts

Online instruction form to streamline the process of creating your customised Last Will and Testament with Testamentary Discretionary Trusts

Use this solution to quickly and easily create a cutting-edge document that has been meticulously designed in consultation with leading Australian estate planning experts to provide maximum flexibility and asset protection + minimise tax. It includes options to create:

  • discretionary testamentary trusts, rights of occupancy and other trust structures that are aimed at giving your executors every possible opportunity to minimise income tax, capital gains tax (CGT) and other tax leakage;
  • beneficiary support trusts/special disability trusts that are designed to preserve welfare entitlements; and
  • flexible guardianship arrangements to ensure as far as possible that your guardianship wishes are implemented.

It also includes flexible mechanics for allocating and distributing your estate assets that have been cleverly designed to minimise the potential for family law claims to be brought and for disputes among the beneficiaries to arise.

To start creating your Last Will and Testament with Testamentary Discretionary Trusts, just answer the questions below.
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